Cree. New book alert!

It’s nearly here! My new book Cree. The official book launch is at Waterstones Durham, 6–7pm on Friday 5th October with further events at Waterstones London (TCR) on Monday 1st 6pm and at Lakes International Comic Art Festival (Kendal) 10am till 5pm on Saturday 13th October in the Page 45 room in the clocktower. Commissioned by New Writing North and Durham Book Festival, this is the first time this organisation has commissioned graphic work, so it’s a real honour and it’s a beautiful book – colourful, an exercise in asymmetry, a special fold out centre and it’s based on real…

Marking an important 20 year anniversary

    On my bedroom wall sits an apparently unremarkable photograph. A fragment of a larger photo-collage, it blends with other family snapshots that are scattered in plain, wooden frames around our house. In the photo I am smiling, wearing a red, seersucker dress from a well-known UK retailer founded in Leeds in 1894 by a Polish-Jewish refugee Mr Marks and his friend from Skipton, Mr Spencer. The blue fabric mules I’m wearing are from the same shop. Sunglasses swing on a string around my neck and my hair is in a short phase, lightened by having lived in the sun. I’m wearing…


I’m open to commissions and requests for talks and workshops. I’ll also be happy to hear from you if you’ve read any of my books and found them helpful for personal reasons. I try to reply to all emails personally but I might not be quick.  Please use the form below.  

Una’s Spotify playlists

“Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl back into my loneliness.” Maya Angelou. I’m not from a particularly musical family. I remember a lot of excitement when we got a  Radiogram* combining a radio, a turntable and speakers in an enormous, polished, wooden cabinet. It was already an old-fashioned thing when it arrived in our house. My mother would occasionally play a Barry Manillo record on it. Apart from that, it mostly gathered dust until I started using it to dance round the room to Siouxsie and the Banshees when everyone was…

CSE Principles

Commissioned by the University of Bedfordshire: International research centre: Child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking. I made a series of narrative drawings in response to research the centre has been doing into how young people who have experienced or are at risk of CSE access specialist services and what they want or need from those services. A set of ten postcards is available as a free downloadable resource here. A powerpoint presentation including the full report and more illustrations for use by specialist services is also available here. Here are some samples: