CSE Principles Project: International Centre: researching child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking.

I’m working on a series of illustrations to accompany research undertaken by the University of Bedfordshire into CSE and service users, with the help of an advisory committee of young people who have an interest in the issue. I can’t show you any images yet, but this will be part of a national campaign to highlight the needs of young people who have experienced CSE and spread the research to workers in the police, social services, schools and colleges and health. I’ll post drawings here when the project is finalised.


Crossing Borders: The First Border We Cross

Crossing Borders extract

I was invited by the ILS (International Literature Showcase) to make a piece for the theme Crossing Borders, commissioned by the British Council. I decided to make a comics spread about the first border we all cross, which needn’t be the most deadly, but for many women around the world is. I researched maternal mortality rates in different countries and also found out about initiatives from MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) which have saved thousands of lives over the last two decades. Initiatives which sometimes cost pence. Where women have little control over their fertility and no access to reproductive care, giving birth to a baby can the most dangerous thing they do.

You can donate to MSF below. Please do. They do the most amazing work in difficult conditions and are real life heroes.

Here is the full PDF of my work, titled The First Border We Cross

Crossing Borders – The First Border We Cross


Here is a link to donate any amount you can to MSF.



The Big Issue In The North

big issue tent flat

I’m honoured to have been asked to design the 2015 festive cards that Big Issue in the North vendors give out to their customers. Throughout the month of December, if you buy a Big Issue North, especially if you are a regular, your vendor might sign and give you one of these Season’s Greetings cards. It will be a beautiful addition to your mantlepiece. I’ve designed the image around a loosely conceptualised nativity because, lets face it, families sleeping in temporary shelters is a significant issue in the contemporary world.

Big Issue in the North is a very good cause. The magazine is sold by is sold by homeless people and others who have no means of earning an income in the North West and Yorkshire and Humber. So buy a Big Issue North in December and help vendors earn  more by selling more magazines.


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