Am I going to let this stand? An open letter to Zainab Akhtar of Shortbox comics.

Am I going to let this stand? No, I am not going to let this stand.  Zainab Akthar of Shortbox comics called me a “shitty racist white woman” and accused me of “white feminism” to her 14k followers on twitter. Defamatory Sundays, eh? It’s such fun isn’t it, calling people names on Twitter? Full of glee all the followers go “Ooh” they say “she’s a shitty white feminist!” Then they feel smug and proud of themselves because they are all on the same side, the right side and she is on the wrong side that shitty white racist feminist. People…

The Legacy of Artemisia, or Why Should We Care That Someone Was Raped

  The Comics Forum is a two day academic conference that runs alongside Thought Bubble in Leeds. The forum topic for 2014 was Violence. My presentation seemed to go down well and unusually, there were lots of questions and discussion during question time (typically people ask me questions individually, in private, after any talk I’ve given) perhaps because I was part of a panel on sexual violence so the audience felt more comfortable about asking questions. I haven’t posted on here for a while so I thought I’d post the whole thing, images and notes. Hope you find it interesting….