2019 graphic novel reading list for newbies.

I’m often asked by readers of Becoming Unbecoming who are new to comics and graphic novels if I have any recommendations. I do! So I’ve put together this list of my personal favorites. Typically they are loved due to an interesting or innovative approach to artwork or because the story telling is magnificent. These are my real favorites, genuine recommendations. It’s not that I don’t feel under pressure to highlight books from my lovely publishers (Myriad Editions, Virago and Mayfly Press) or from dear friends in the comics creative community, though some of their books appear on this list, but I will ignore that pressure as much as I am able because I think it’s always better to be honest about these things. If people ask me for my recommendations they want the unedited list. It goes without saying that I have read and enjoyed many more books than appear here and that I love all visual narratives and the people who make them. It’s important to me to be honest but I also won’t be unkind if I can help it, so I won’t say which books I don’t like and I haven’t tried to review them, it’s just a simple but enduring ‘like’. You can see that some of the older books are quite battered because all of these are keepers that I’ll go to again and again. I don’t read every book published as I’m pushed for time, trying to write my own next book, so I’m sure I’ve missed some belters. Please add your own favorites by commenting below. However, you certainly won’t waste your hard earned cash if you buy any of these. Some are old, some new, at least one is out of print but maybe you can borrow it from a library or a friend. I’ve added my own work at the end because I love those books too. You can buy them from my Etsy shop, Thingsbyuna or from the shop on this website.

In no particular order then, here are enough quality graphic novels to keep you thinking, laughing and crying through 2019.

Julia Wertz
Gareth Brookes
Marion Fayolle

Glen Baxter
Emil Ferris
Katriona Chapman
Robert Sikoryak
Frida Khalo
Kate Beaton
Art Spiegelman
Art Spiegelman & Hillary Chute
Chris Ware
Julia Pierpont and Manjit Thapp
All my own work
All my own work

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