It’s a book!

stack of books

I feel like I’ve given birth. I could have gestated three elephants in the time it’s taken to write and draw, but here it is, a book, with a spine and a cover with flaps and everything! It is sitting in neat stacks in the Myriad office, waiting to be launched in September.

Of course I am on with other projects now, but I am looking forward to hearing what people think about it, and hoping that at least some people will like it. It’s been well received so far and has some lovely comments from fellow authors and other interesting people printed on the cover. It feels lovely and I have had a flick through but I am too scared to look at it too thoroughly in case I spot something I don’t like, that I now can’t change. Daft, I know but I will gather courage soon. I can tell you that the outside of the book is excellent!

I’m already booked to talk about the book at a couple of events, details TBC, see my twitter accounts and Facebook pages for updates. My lovely publishers at Myriad, my equally lovely agent Becky Thomas and I will endeavour to organise events in the North and South of the country over the next few months so that anyone who is interested can get their hands on a signed copy.

Many thanks for following the blog, I promise to update more often, now that I’m not so busy with Becoming/Unbecoming.


  1. Julia Marshall

    Hi are you at Waterstones in Leeds on 12 Nov as stated? Waterstones know nothing, nor thought bubble!


    1. That’s worrying. I’ve asked Myriad to look into it, but yes as far as I know it’s going ahead. You need to book with Myriad Editions though. Thanks, Una


    2. Hi Julia, my editor pointed out that the phone number to book a place is actually Leeds Waterstones, not Myriad Editions, sorry, heres the link with the phone number


      1. Hi Una. I did call Waterstones at Leeds this pm, he knew nothing about it at all but started a list and put my name down! The person dealing with thought bubble said their programme was finalised and that you were not on it. Regards Julia


      2. Hi Una, I called Waterstones Leeds this pm, he knew nothing about it but started a list and put my name down! Thought bubble said you were not on their programme for the festival. Regards Julia


      3. Hi Julia, it’s taken all day but I think we have resolved the issues at Waterstones. The counter staff know about it now at least! However we’ve decided to handle the bookings ourselves and then pass on the information to the shop. I’ve updated the events page to reflect this but Ive pasted the eventbrite link we’ve set up below. Please book your place here and share the link. Thank you so much for messaging me, we wouldn’t have know about the problem otherwise.


  2. You’re welcome! I wouldn’t have wanted to turn up to an empty room either.


  3. Hi there, I just bought a copy from you at Thought Bubble, I mentioned that Kieron Gillen loved your book, and just found his tumblr where he talks about it. You should go and introduce yourself!


    1. Thanks for that. It’s great to have support from a ‘proper’ comics person, really made my day! I did go and speak to him and he was very nice and had obviously thought a lot about the way the book is written. Interesting and helpful comments and a swelled head!


  4. Hiya, I just bought a copy from you at Thought Bubble, and mentioned that Kidron Gillen was a fan if you. I just found his tumblr where he mentioned your book, you should go introduce yourself!!


  5. Hi Una, just saw a post about your work on fb, thought it was very interesting. I wonder if you’ve already been contacted by translators or French publishing houses? if not, I’d love to be the one translate it (I’m a freelance translator based in France). You can find me on fb as Lucky Lucie (, do write me if you’re interested! cheers.

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    1. Thanks for your interest Lucie, I’d love to have a French translation. Do you work for a particular publisher? You would really need to speak to my publishers Myriad Editions as they have someone who handles foreign editions. xx


  6. […] ultime pagine poi sono davvero toccanti. Da mozzare il fiato. Vi lascio la pagina del blog di Una dove presenta questa meraviglia. Già da queste poche righe mi sta simpatica e mi dispiaccio il […]


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