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I was asked to participate in my first literary festival, the Sick Festival, a Manchester/Brighton event that states on it’s website that it’s the first festival in the UK dedicated to revealing and debating our most urgent physical, mental and social challenges. There’s some information about my event here:

It’s not the first time I’ve spoken in public about my book (and I don’t suppose it will be the last) but there’s a certain irony in having to do this kind of event, because there’s a reason my book is a graphic novel. If it was possible for me to express in words the ideas the book revolves around I would have written a novel, or become a public speaker of some sort.

The panel, put together by novelist Julia Crouch and chaired by another novelist, Laura Lockington, is called Baring The Scars, which certainly sums up the content of your average misery novel, however, I’m hoping my book extends the misery narrative a little, by weaving itself around the social, cultural, political issues that are central to sexualised or gendered violence.

As my book isn’t published yet, I’ll have to sit and twiddle my thumbs after the event, while the other panelists do signings. I will be bringing some zines with me, but unfortunately they are nearly sold out so I only have a few left, and no plans to print more at the moment, so I’ve had some posters printed, which I will sign with a little doodle, if anyone wants one.

The image at the top of the page is from my book. It’s a strange one, an early drawing, from when it was just a personal project, a series of doodles, not really meant to be seen by anyone and definitely not meant to be in a book! I had hidden it in a folder for a couple of years because I didn’t like it but when I showed it at Laydeezdocomics London the first time I gave a talk about my project, Paul Gravette, who was sitting in the front row, asked if I could go back to it, he found it so interesting. I can see why it’s interesting now, funny how things turn out…


  1. Your drawing looks very interesting! It’s exciting that you’re going to make a book and I’d love to see more of your work 🙂


    1. Thanks Tori. I will be posting more images as I go.

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