“My name is Una. Meaning one, one life, one of many.”

I’m an artist and writer, a visual storyteller. I started drawing a book in 2008 and I’m still drawing books more than a decade later. My first graphic novel, Becoming Unbecoming was an experiment, to depict the effects of violence and misogyny on my own life, interweaving my personal story into the wider social fabric.

Matt on Goodreads (May, 2019) says “This book is so many things–cultural critique, memoir, experimental work of graphic art, and an absolute punch in the gut in every form it takes. Una’s unique blend of true crime reporting, thorough self reflection, hard facts/stats, and her many experiments with art/design and content contextualization make this book an extremely unique and compelling touchstone in the broader conversation about gender dynamics and gendered violence throughout the world.”

I’ve also made two short graphic novels: On Sanity: One Day In Two Lives (2016) supported by Arts Council England, and Cree (2018, Mayfly Press) commissioned by New Writing North. I work on commissions such as CSE Principles, and Graphic Encounters. You can find out more about all these projects by clicking the buttons below. I’m currently working on a 200 page graphic novel for Virago Press called Eve.

You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Spotify, or Facebook as Una Comics  My Etsy shop sells books, posters, pins and totes. For professional enquiries my agent is Becky Thomas at Johnson and Alcock. I’m also on Red Bubble.